• UoA National Qualifier

    UoA National Qualifier

    Ready to represent your Uni on a National and Oceanics scale? Pull together your fellow UoA LoL summoners for our first tournament event! Click through for more details.

    READ MORE Fri 20th Mar 2015 - 3:38am
  • The Sixth Man - An Introduction to Coaching

    The Sixth Man - An Introduction to Coaching

    The Sixth Man - An Introduction to Coaching is a comprehensive article explaining the roles a coach fulfills in League of Legends and Esports, and how that can benefit a teams performance, mentality and overall synergy.

    READ MORE Wed 11th Mar 2015 - 6:20am
  • ART CONTEST (Prized) - Poro-fy It!

    ART CONTEST (Prized) - Poro-fy It!

    We're hosting an art contest this week. The theme attached is PORO. It can be any work of art as long as there is a poro featured somewhere in the piece.

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  • Information Megathread 07/03/15

    Information Megathread 07/03/15

    Welcome Summoners! I'm your UoA LoL president for 2015 Cameron (Crunch). Just here to give a full update of where we are heading now that we have completed our first official week as a club! This is a long thread which should have all the information you need over the next few days, please…

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