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Fri 8th Aug 2014 - 1:31pm : General


-------------WELCOME TO UOA LOL - INFORMATION THREAD -------------

Welcome Summoners!
I'm your UoA LoL president for 2015 Cameron (Crunch). Just here to give a full update of where we are heading now that we have completed our first official week as a club! This is a long thread which should have all the information you need over the next few days, please take the time to read it so you don't miss out!

- O-Week Recap
- Website
- UoA Tournament - National Collegiate Qualifier
- Player/Team Formations
- Art Contest
- Staff Applications
- Giga Meetup Statement

Note: Please join the UoALoL chatroom in your League Client, then click the cog in the top right and hit autojoin on startup. The more people in this room, the more duos, ranked 5s, normals and customs we can setup!

______________________O-WEEK RECAP______________________
As our first O-Week comes to a close, and we establish the FIRST ever members group for UoALoL, we have astonishingly reached over 400 members! (I believe this makes us the fastest growing club on campus, along with one of the largest!) Thanks to everyone who signed up, its going to allow for some absolutely massive events throughout this year. I enjoyed meeting everyone that came up to the stall, and am looking forward to getting to know you even better!
Also a HUGE thanks to Riot Maraudaur and Riot Stupendous for coming out to meet this awesome new community. We all really appreciated it!

Well first up, we understand that this Facebook group will get a lot of posts with questions, ranked teams, events etc. So we are setting up a website to launch Monday 9th March, which will contain all the details of upcoming events, event recaps, signup forms etc. Anything significant to do with our community will be held here. Stay Tuned!
Link to be posted here soon: ------------> _____________

____________UoA - NATIONAL COLLEGIATE QUALIFIER____________
Our first major tournament for the year has been announced! This is an exclusive tournament to (only) UoA students. This will be a Double Elimination tournament, with the top 4 seeds qualifying for a spot in the NATIONAL Collegiate Tournament. This also acts as a further qualifier into an Oceanic Collegiate Championship. The above events will have details released soon. For now, join up to the event to stay up-to-date with the information regarding the tournament.
----------> <----------

_____________________TEAM FORMATIONS_____________________
Before you ask, yes we have a way for you to find teammates!
We thought we would wait til the end of the O'Week signups before posting this, as it makes it fairer for everyone to get put into teams. If you're looking for a ranked group to play with, we will attempt to pair you into groups to play with. You are more than welcome to post on the page to find players for a team you've already made, however once you have found a player please remove your post to avoid spam.
Alternatively, use the form below. We will only be updating this once a week, as it is a pretty long process for us admins to do. So the cut-off time if you want to be in a team is weekly @ 7:00PM on Sundays. If you don't get the form in by then we cannot guarantee you a spot in a team for at LEAST another week. Please fill out the form honestly, as it will help us to pair you appropriately.
------------------------> <------------------------

_______________________ART CONTEST_______________________
We are University students, we have creative minds. So show us what you can do! We're hosting an art contest this week. The theme attached is PORO. It can be any work of art as long as there is a poro featured somewhere in the piece. Make your own poro even, dont stick to the blue/white standard, use your imagination!
Submissions must be sent to by Friday 13th March by 7:00pm. We will have a vote through our Website/Facebook page to find the Grand Prize winner of $50RP, 2nd Place - Teemo Hat! We're looking forward to seeing your entries fly into our inbox soon!

_____________________STAFF APPLICATIONS___________________
We're now looking for volunteers to join our Staff! We are looking for a wide range of skills to help streamline our community and events management.
Roles Available:
- Event Coordinator - Website Developer
- Tournament Admins - Event Volunteer
- Social Media Manager - +More
If you've got a passion for LoL, some free time and a drive to build an amazing community atmosphere, send an application with the subject
"Staff Application - *Role* " to

__________________GIGA MEETUP STATEMENT__________________
I'd also like to say that the Meetup on Wednesday was unbelievably overwhelming with an approximate headcount of 130+ people turning up, overflowing the 4 local net-cafes. That was nearly 50% of signups at the time, with ONE days notice. Incredible turnout to the event which gets me excited for the BIG events we have planned for you.
I was the flying solo in heading this meetup, due to other executives not able to attend at the time, I apologize for the confusing and frustrating coordination attempt. It was like shoutcasting a hexakill teamfight. It was amazing to see that huge turnout, and it allowed us to put some great measure in place to make sure that.
- You are guaranteed a seat amongst friends/UoALoL members.
- Events and community games setup in advance
- You have an amazing experience with the community
We will give plenty of notice for the next event to ensure this organization is perfected on our end.

Thats it for this update, more information will be coming your way soon! Remember to join the UoALOL chatroom in the League client, and give this comment a like to make sure that everyone can see it!

Your UoA LoL Team 2015




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