ART CONTEST (Prized) - Poro-fy It!

Mon 9th Mar 2015 - 2:36pm : General

_______________________ART CONTEST_______________________

We are University students, we have creative minds. So show us what you can do! We're hosting an art contest this week. The theme attached is PORO. It can be any work of art as long as there is a poro featured somewhere in the piece. Invent your own type of poro! Dont just stick to the blue/white standard, use your imagination!

Submissions must be sent to by Friday 13th March by 7:00pm. We will have a vote through our Website/Facebook page to find the Grand Prize winner!



RUNNER UP - Teemo Hat

We're looking forward to seeing your entries fly into our inbox soon!

For now, here's some inspiration






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