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    Physical Layer (Layer 1) deals with the physical characteristics of the transmission medium. Connectors, pins, use of pins, electrical currents, encoding, and light modulation are all part of different physical layer specifications. It defines the nature of the network's hardware elements. It also defines The Commission Magnet what kind of network interface adapter should be used and the hub that should be used. Different kinds of copper or fiber optic cable can be used, and a wide variety of wireless solutions. Usually when a LAN is set up, the physical layer specifications are related to the data-link layer. The data-link layer protocol, Ethernet, helps with the different kinds of options in the physical layer. Examples includes:

    Broadcast TV is a wireless system for delivering television programming directly to a viewer's house. The range of broadcast TV is very limited ( since the radio waves travel only in straight line and the earths surface is curved, radio signal cannot be sent for more than 50 kilometers) and more over they need big antennas to send out the signals in the form of radio waves. Because of the disadvantages of the broadcast TV such the line of sight and the distortion problems people moved on to Satellite TV.

    In case of Satellite TV the signals are not sent directly from TV stations to home. Instead the signal from the TV stations are sent to a satellite and user collects these signals from the satellite with the help of a specially designed antenna called dish antenna. In olden days the dish receivers are big and costly but nowadays the dish size has decreased to a very great extent and hence the cost.


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