TopicHow to Get a Bigger Penis - One Option You Could Consider For a Bigger, Thicker Penis Guaranteed

  • Thu 16th Feb 2017 - 4:06pm

    Many men have sought to find ways to get a bigger penis, but the problem is that most men doesn't have the discipline or consistency to be able to gain any effect when using natural methods. So how to get a bigger penis becomes an easy thing to do when you are ready to go under the knife. Here are a few things you should know before you decide to go under the knife.


    Penis enlargement surgery or phalloplasty is the term used to describe surgery that a man will undergo in order to lengthen the penis. There are two types of penis enlargement one that can add inches to the length and one that can girth or width to the penis. Usually for the best result, you have to undergo both surgeries.

    Dermal Transfer

    This is the more preferred type of transfer to increase the girth of the penis, since the skin is involved, the Erección Total Libro fat isn't reabsorbed so the new girth of the penis isn't altered making the surgery more successful. The process does need strips of skin and fat to be grafted onto the penis. An incorrect surgery runs the risk of the penis being disfigured.

    Length or Girth?

    The length of the penis is also enhanced through surgery, the procedure is different from that of the increasing the girth. What is done is that the suspensory ligament that holds the penis the base of is cut so that the penis will be allowed to elongate. The patient may also be required to wear penis traction devices to enable to penis to grow more.

    Are there Any Side Effects?

    Just like any other surgery, phalloplasty also puts the patient at some risk, it is a surgery so all the complications of undergoing surgery is present as well. Also you might feel a loose and floating sensation around the pubic area. When erect the penis may shift and slip and the angle of erection is also minimized. When not in the aroused stage though there really isn't much change.

    So, if and when you do consider surgery to enhance your penis make sure that you go to reputable surgeon that really knows what he is doing so you can minimize any side effects and/or complications that can arise from the surgery. Now you know how to get a bigger penis through surgery, are you willing to undergo it?

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